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Hello. I’m experimenting with how I do these round-ups because I fucking hate trying to put the fucking pictures in and every single month it makes me want to smash my computer up. So, this month you’re not getting many pictures. You can have one picture of the best book that I read this month. Here it is:

And here are some words about the other books that I read in September.

Pack Men by Alan Bissett
A bunch of men (and one woman) go on a trip to watch their beloved Rangers play an important game of a little known sport called ‘football’. One of the men who is narrating what’s going on has lots of stuff inside his brain. He’s not a football hooligan, he’s a literary person. He has lots of secrets. I like him.
Full review to follow.

Under Travelling Skies by Saul Hughes
A story set in Wales about a Welsh family. Poetically recalling the various shit that has happened to them. Will make you want to drink a pint and read some poetry. Lovely descriptions.
Full review here.

The School Gates by Nicola May
A story of different families with varying levels of interest in one another’s lives. Written by my favourite women’s fiction author Nicola May, it is a story that shows that stuff doesn’t always go how you want it to, but it’s alright.
Full review here.

All My Own Work by Stephen Miles
A bloke diddles a competition in order to win a massive literary prize. He gets found out and fucks everything up. A story about a life of lies and lacking contentment, this one suckered me in and I loved it. The jokes are shit though.
Full review to follow.

Pocket Notebook by Mike Thomas
A story of the life of a policeman who has some quite severe issues with basically everything around him. As the book goes on his pocket notebook becomes less like a professional tool and more of a diary to store his innermost rages.
Full review to follow.

Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy
A woman has a drunken, masked shag with a bloke at a party and we join her a year later while she is bringing up her kid as a single Mum. Another women’s fiction book, this one had lots of lovely little plot lines aside from the big ‘who’s the Daddy’ one.
Full review to follow.

English Slacker by Chris Morton
A teenage boy is our narrator as we join him in his life of smoking fags, drinking, looking at girls and getting stoned in between working at the local supermarket.
Can’t decide how I feel about this one. I like that it’s written as a kind of stream of consciousness, but I wasn’t sure that the end was the big punch in the face of bringing shit together that I was expecting. If you’ve read it, please talk to me about it.
Full review to follow.

The Tattooist by Louise Black
The best book I’ve read this month by a long shot. A creepy tattooist guy in Paris accosts young women and has his weird and frighteningly measured and controlling way with them. This book made me feel horny and disgusted in equal measures. Highly recommended.
Full review to follow.

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
I have no idea why J.K. Rowling has gotten so much shit and criticism for this book. It’s a fucking good book. To be fair, it does take fucking ages to get going, but once you’re past that initial (150 pages ish) worth of stuff at the beginning then the rest is fantastic. It made me feel feelings that books don’t often make me feel. Like it made me feel fucking sick and fucking distraught (it’s pretty bleak), it made me want to punch a few people in the face, and it also made me want to high five a few of the characters who had fucking massive balls.
One of the things that I know has been criticised is the swearing. Well, love, there is a fair few fucks flying around but it is not gratuitous. There are about 8 cunts within the whole book, all said by one character who is calling someone a cunt, not shouting it in the fucking street, and that is over a total of five hundred pages. There are far more cunt-heavy, smaller books flying around all over the fucking place that no one is moaning about. Leave JK alone, she’s done good.
You’re not having a full review for this one because it’s not on my review list. If the fuckers at Little, Brown sent me a copy then maybe there would be. But they didn’t. The cunts.
I'm going to pop a little picture of the cover here because I want to.

Books read: 9

I’m having another review-only reading month in October, which is quite exciting. If you want a book reviewing then now is the time to get in touch.
My friend is texting me now, she’s in one of those dirty sex clinics so I must dash.

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  1. Thanks for posting. You've sold me on All My Own Work. It has long been a dream of mine to pull off similar stunt ideally with creaky old established publisher.

    Seems book is only avilale from Lulu nowadays.


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