Thursday, 15 November 2012

Splinters - Joseph D’Lacey

Splinters is a collection of short stories by horror author Joseph D’Lacey. He’s pretty good at writing horror, to quote Stephen King: “Joseph D’Lacey rocks!”
This collection of stories is a bit special, because it is the first publication of Timeline Books, which is a publishing imprint devised by that lovely man Simon at The Big Green Bookshop.

So, the book.

Like I’ve said, it’s a collection of short stories. Most of the themes of each story centre around voyeurism, sex, identity, and of course, love. Where would we be without love?

It is a fucking delightful mix: beginning with a story about people watching each other where one man wanks into a cup (brilliant), to aliens observing humans, to being dead and not being dead, monsters, body-morphing type fuckery, shitting out babies (literally) and it all ends with a story about a love that will last until the sun runs out, because he promised.

Each story is fantastic in its own way. Some will make you feel really, really fucking sick; some will scare the living shit out of you, and some will just leave you feeling a bit head-mental. I never expected to warm to a zombie love story, or wonder if I had bollocks what it would feel like to have a beautiful woman biting down hard on them, but this is the beauty of books, innit. They make you warm and they make you wonder.

A really excellent collection. Book-based bukkake, where you are the bukkake-ee, each story is a throbbing hard cock, and Joseph’s stories are the pearly thick jizz that gets spunked all over you. Into your eyes and into your brain. Lovely.

So there you have it. You should buy it because it’s fucking brilliant, but you should also buy it because that mad cunt Simon is a fucking diamond and I love him.

You'll cream your pants, I promise.

Happy reading.

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  1. Sounds pretty good! Shame Stephen King himself doesn't "rock", but otherwise, it sounds like quite a "book-kake". You should update more often!


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