Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Tattooist - Louise Black


"There was very little in the outward appearance of the shop that announced its line of business. It was crammed in halfway along rue Biot, between the dilapidated convenience store and a Lebanese restaurant." 

A tattooist in France named Fabrice who is working in a tattoo studio somewhere that sounds a bit grimey and disgusting has three different women at different times come in to his studio wanting a tattoo. Each woman has her own issues; language difficulties, drink, drugs, violent ex relationships; and based on the kind of job he’s done on them he kind of knows this.

Fabrice is a proper creepy fucker. I am incredibly attracted to him which makes me worry for my sanity. I know that I am incredibly depraved, but this is going a bit far even for me. He is kind of controlling but gentlemanly with it. But essentially he is a mad cunt who’s not doing any of the women any good.

This book is brilliantly dark. And will make you feel uncomfortable. And if you’re a bit of a wrong ‘un like me it will also make you feel incredibly horny. It is bursting at the seams with filthy sex and debauchery and headfucky mind control and I BLOODY LOVE IT.
Also, I've just googled the author and I see that she has written some erotica. I shall definitely be checking that out.

Highly recommended.

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