Sunday, 20 January 2013

English Slacker – Chris Morton

“It was a beautiful day actually, probably the first of the summer. I felt like doing something before work so I phoned up Alex and Paul to see what they were up to, ...”

Our main man Chambers (last name, I don’t think he had parents that were a bit ‘out there’) is the narrator throughout English Slacker. The book is a kind of diary/chain of thought type set up where he’s telling us what him and his mates get up to. They’re a bunch of teenagers, so they do what bunches of teenagers do, which is work in rubbish jobs to have money to do important things like buy drugs and go to the pub and sometimes to clubs to look at girls.

It’s all pretty standard really, apart from there’s some guy called Colin who you don’t quite know what the fuck is going on with who crops up every so often. Chambers and his friends go out and drink and you get the story of their lives through Chambers’ observations of his mates, and his mate’s mates and girlfriends, and we’re basically in Chambers’ head with the narrative, so anything that happens to him we know what he’s thinking and feeling, apart from when it comes to this Colin chap.

You know there’s something coming up to do with Colin right from the off. Chambers is really fucking sketchy about him and you read essentially just to find out what the fuck is going on. And I’m not sure if I missed something or didn’t get it, but when the thing did happen and then the book ended I felt a bit lost.

A really enjoyable read all the way through; I like being inside this boy’s head but I’m not sure I got why the stuff that was so important was so important. Or maybe you have to be a teenager to understand this shit. Someone help me. Anyone read it and want to give me an opinion? Fucking read it and give me an opinion.

I’m on the fence.

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